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Weekly Meal Prep

 1. It starts with the consultation.  I'll come to your home and meet with you.  We'll discuss your wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and any special requests.  You'll lead a walk through of your kitchen and we will establish a set day/time during the week for service.  I do request that the first day of service the client be home.  The most important part is that you feel safe and comfortable with me in your house.  We can establish a method of entry if you choose not to be home once service begins regularly.

2. Service includes meal planning.  An established meal can be set in advance, we can discuss what you'd like day of, or feel free to let me be creative and surprise you.  There is no set meal or portion amount.  You tell me how much you'd like for the week. 

3. I will also do the grocery shopping.  If there are any items in your pantry/fridge/freezer to use up, I can plan accordingly and minimize the waste.  All of the cooking is done in your own kitchen.  Meals can be portioned out or packaged family style based on your preference.  After a full clean up, I'm out the door.  You'll be left with a full refrigerator of tasty meals, a written menu for the week, and an itemized receipt of service.



This is an hourly service with a rate of $40/hr.  For a week's worth of dinners and/or lunches a family of 4 can expect to pay anywhere from $140-$200 per week, plus the cost of groceries.  

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